Begin your journey to crypto success at Ledger.com/start. Learn how to secure your assets and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Ledger.com/start is a web page associated with the initial setup and onboarding process for Ledger hardware wallets. When users want to get started with a Ledger device (such as Nano S or Nano X), they typically visit the official Ledger website and follow the instructions provided on the ledger.com/start page.

Here are the pros and cons related to using Ledger.com/start:


  1. Native Staking and NFT Management: Ledger provides native support for staking your crypto assets and managing non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This feature allows you to participate in network validation and earn rewards while keeping your assets secure.

  2. Mobile App with Bluetooth Connection: The mobile app connects seamlessly to Ledger devices via Bluetooth, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

  3. Robust Crypto Education Library: Ledger offers educational resources, helping users understand cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and investment principles.


  1. Software Isn’t Fully Open Source: Unlike some competitors, Ledger’s firmware is not fully open source. However, its other software components, including the desktop and mobile applications, are open source and can be tested by third parties.

  2. Lack of Touch Screen: Ledger devices do not have a touch screen, which may be a preference for some users. Competitor Trezor’s advanced model features a touch screen, but its standard version does not.

In summary, Ledger.com/start serves as a gateway for setting up Ledger hardware wallets, offering a balance between security and usability. Users should consider their preferences and requirements when choosing a wallet for their crypto journey.

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